Welcome to the Stevenson Research Group!

Our research is broadly focused in the areas of analytical chemistry, electrochemistry, and surface chemistry, specifically to investigate structure-property relationships in mesoscopic systems (structures and phenomena having spatial dimensions ranging from nanometer to micrometer scale). Driving our fundamental interest is the need to understand the intricate relationships between mass transport (e.g., diffusion and convection), surface reactivity (e.g., adsorption, dissolution, and passivation) and interfacial structure (e.g., composition, crystalline orientation, and heterogeneity). The physical methods used for such studies include scanning probe microscopies (e.g., AFM, TUNA, EFM, SSPM, MFM), optical microscopies, electrochemical methods, UV-vis, fluorescence and Raman spectroscopies, and other surface analysis techniques (e.g. XPS and EDS). The information from these studies will help us understand how materials behave so as to best apply existing materials to various technologies as well as to design novel, improved materials/systems.

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